In this game, you can use various makeup tools to "make yourself less ugly" by playing around with different combinations of eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushes. Hold down Q, W, or E to control your eyeshadow brush, blush brush, or lipstick, respectively.

So, I'm not super happy with how the game turned out at this point, but since we're going to go through it a few more times to add more elements, I think what I have is a good foundation. I've never been good at coding, so honestly, I'm just proud that I made a thing and it works relatively well. I wanted to be able to change the hair as well, but I already had a really difficult time just trying to get the eyeshadow sprites to be the same size and positioned correctly, and I knew trying to get the hair to be even remotely acceptable-looking was going to be absolute hell. I also thought that I'd be able to get my blushes working at this point, since it's pretty much exactly the same code as for changing the eyes and lips, but my MonoDevelop started CONVENIENTLY acting out on Tuesday night (I'm still a little bitter) by just deciding not to run script! A few restarts fixed the problem, but still. I think these sort of things are just wont to happen at the last minute. I still can't get the blushes to work, despite the fact that, as I've already said, the code is just about EXACTLY the same as the eyes and lips, which work just fine, but I digress.

Also, the idea I started out with was supposed to be a parody of all those makeover games, and I ended up making the very thing that I was trying to lampoon. I tried to add some snark with the speech bubbles, but it felt kind of like a last-ditch effort. I knew from the beginning that the gameplay was going to have to be essentially the same as it is in all makeover games, and that whatever ironic commentary I wanted to add was going to have to be in the details. In my next few goings-over of the game, I think I can make it work, though: for example, the background music being a chiptune version of Material Girl by Madonna, having the end-state being rejected by a romantic interest or something because looks are shallow and irrelevant to a healthy relationship, etc.

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Published128 days ago
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